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Problem with pagination for JSON HTTP datasource
answered 27-10-2022 15:32:23 -0400

I have a JSON HTTP datasource that returns data that looks like this: { "pagination": { "pageNumber": "3", "pageSize": "100", "totalAvailable": "251" }, "datasources": { "datasource": [ {"name": ...

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Pagination JSON Data Source

How to create a Data Source for accessing web app output via RESTful API?
answered 13-06-2022 19:21:03 -0400

Is there a way to create a Data Source for accessing the output (JSON format) of a web application via application provided RESTful API (e.g.

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Data Source JSON Data Source

JSON file within a ZIP --- can access but the formatting is odd ---
answered 11-04-2022 03:50:06 -0400

I have created a data source that pulls in a zip file with a JSON file inside it and I am strugging to parse it with a custom tupple pattern. No matter what tuple root I use Denodo fails to display it -- it just blanks out and no error message provided...

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Base view JSON Data Source

Integration of a Json file with a special structure
answered 23-03-2022 07:03:02 -0400

Hello all, I currently have the problem that a json file cannot be read correctly into Denodo. No data is displayed here, see image 1. With other Json files this works perfectly. I used tuple root as "TUPLEROOT = /JSONFile/JSONArray". Attached is the...

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JSON Data Source JSON

JSON Datasource Tuple Root Rows
answered 10-11-2021 15:14:19 -0500

Hello, I'm trying to create a JSONDatasource from this sample: [ { "Header": { "publishedDateTime": "20211110150141", "messageId": null, "messageType": null, }, "Investment": { ...

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JSON Data Source

Dynamic Query in JSON
answered 02-09-2021 07:11:26 -0400

Hi team, How to create a dynamic query for the specific field or multiple fields? Because, I think Dynamic query helps to filter the data in runtime and gets to filter the huge data and provide the result much faster than the usual one. So I need to ...

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Dynamic JSON Data Source JSON Dynamic Datasources JSON Datasource

Push down filter to JSON data source
answered 15-07-2021 02:33:44 -0400

Hi Team, I have a scenario where a REST API exposing large volume of data which required to be configured in Denodo as data source. We are able to achieve this by using JSON data souce and HTTP client. The data volume is high, hence filter conditions ...

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JSON Data Source HTTP client

JSON Datasource Request
answered 01-07-2021 08:26:20 -0400

Hello, Is there a way to send a the current user name logged in or current session in a JSON Data Source Request. PS: I don't want to create 2 views and create a derived view just to pass the session id. Would it be possible to pass it directly in th...

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JSON Data Source

Not able to escape special character in post body
answered 28-06-2021 22:52:32 -0400

Hello, I am trying to pass this expression: { ^ExecuteIfIsNotNull("\"'"customerId\"'" : "\"", @CID, "\", " ,"\"'"customerId\"'" :null, "), ^ExecuteIfIsNotNull("\"'"employeeId\"'" : "\"", @EID, "\", " ,"\"'"employeeId\"'" :null, "), ^ExecuteIfIsNotNul...

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post Json JSON Data Source

JSON-stat Data Sources
answered 09-06-2021 21:03:56 -0400

Hi everyone, I need to import a Data Source which is in JSON-stat format (https://json-stat.org/), which basically represents multidimensional arrays of data in a flattened fashion. I wanted to ask you if there is a predefined Denodo routine to import ...

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json source json JSON Data Source JSON Json