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Jenkins integration with GIT
answered 14-06-2021 06:28:32 -0400

With reference to the Q&A at below link - a) Is Jenkins is integrated with Denodo or GIT? As per instruction we have to configure by pointing to the VCS URL of the Virtual DataPort server. So its looks like Jenkins will export from denodo database,...

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How can we automate deployment process through Jenkins
answered 04-06-2020 01:27:11 -0400

Hi Team, Can anyone provide solution for automate denodo deployment process through Jenkins.

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Jenkins Automation automate

Performing denodo tasks from Jenkins
answered 01-10-2019 04:17:26 -0400

I am trying a create a working prototype for performing denodo activities from my Jenkins server. Steps that i want to perform are : Import a VSQL file from GIT to Denodo from Jenkins. Create a view in Denodo from Jenkins. Run this VSQL file in Denod...

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Jenkins DENODO