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Unable to connect with Derived view from REST datasource with variable getting feeded from another view
answered 26-07-2021 12:48:33 -0400

Version :- Denodo 8.0 Hi, i want to use rest api url as one data source, for which i configured it as https://bioreg-uat.gsk.com:1743/bioreg/api/v1/entities/@{instanceId} Now we dont have instance ID this will be fulfilled from another data source whi...

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Joining of Two Rest API DataSources Data

Two Views Join
answered 23-03-2021 08:15:05 -0400

Hi Can some help me here below is my Queary , I aneed Denodo API SELECT account_number, suspended FROM i_crd_tpi_portfolio_accounts crd INNER JOIN (SELECT DISTINCT data_date FROM i_source_data_vestmark_csim_crd_direct_accounts WHERE data_date_data_t...

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help Joining of Two Rest API DataSources Data

How can we display the data of multi queries/views in multiple table formats using REST in VDP?
answered 13-08-2019 02:04:00 -0400

I want to display data in multiple table formats from different quries. Below is the format i needed in browser using REST api. Customer Name Customer Number Gogly 1456 Product Name Product ID HR 10 Payroll 11 But when i use, joins it is giving like ...

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JDBC query VDP Joining of Two Rest API DataSources Data

How to join two REST API data sources and publish the result
answered 01-12-2015 07:17:57 -0500

Hi, Could you please advice how to join two REST API Data Sources and publish the data. Thanks, Naveen Babu

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Joining of Two Rest API DataSources Data