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generate JSON-files from Denodo?
answered 18-01-2023 05:54:49 -0500

Is it possible to generate json-files directly from Denodo, like it is possible with XML. Or, alternativly, is it possible to ingest json (provided by a Denodo created REST webservice) into a remote table (Snowflake table with VARIANT data type for ex...

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Unable to use row_number() function when JSON as Data source
answered 16-12-2022 01:39:56 -0500

Hi,I am using JSON as data source. I would like to use row_number() function in my view. Getting data source from API in JSON format. Base view is created from the root JSON array. I have used flattern view to remove the top JSON array. From the fla...

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row_number() JSON JSON Datasource

Dendo Design Studio's problem with Neo4J
answered 24-11-2022 03:06:10 -0500

Hello Team, I'm using Denodo 8 via Web Design Studio. I created the Neo4j datasource via HTTP configuration with post method, also making use of a Json file. I inserted the fields via the following source query: {"statements": [ \{ "statement": "MATCH ...

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flatten Array Neo4j JSON FLATTEN Derived views JSON Datasource WEB design Studio

How to do error handling on accessing data sources that we do not control + Different REST Web Service formats don't seem to return the same information?
answered 07-04-2022 08:37:10 -0400

Hello! There are two problems, that my team was wondering if there were answers to. The first problem: There are several data sources that we have no control over, and therefore can't tell if those services are live or not. My team was wondering how w...

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denodo platform XML Denodo Testing Tool REST Webservice json HTML Error Handling

Change detection property groups in Data Catalog
answered 25-03-2022 12:01:38 -0400

Hello, I would like to output the username of in the "property groups" -> "Edit property" --> " Allow variables in value" and not only in denodo but also in the export file (custom_property.json). So far there is only the "Default value" ->"$...

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Data Catalog JSON

Integration of a Json file with a special structure
answered 23-03-2022 07:03:02 -0400

Hello all, I currently have the problem that a json file cannot be read correctly into Denodo. No data is displayed here, see image 1. With other Json files this works perfectly. I used tuple root as "TUPLEROOT = /JSONFile/JSONArray". Attached is the...

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JSON JSON Data Source

JSON datasource - HTTP POST - ARRAY request and response FLATTEN
answered 21-03-2022 04:15:04 -0400

HI, i've set a JSON source for the API https://www.openfigi.com/api, with a parameter in POST body. CREATE DATASOURCE JSON ds_openfigi FOLDER = '/01-connectivity/01-data-sources/openfigi' ROUTE HTTP 'http.CommonsHttpClientConnection,120000' POST 'http...

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Connect to embedded Denodo database (Apache Derby) using REST API (required metadata view_custom_property.json, localviews.json).
answered 15-03-2022 08:29:04 -0400

Hello all, I would like to connect to the "live data" of the files view_custom_property.json and localviews.json. And afterwards I would like to create these as a base view. Unfortunately I can't find the right schema to access it via REST API: ...

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#Export_metadata JSON Denodo Rest API

Dynamic Query in JSON
answered 02-09-2021 07:11:26 -0400

Hi team, How to create a dynamic query for the specific field or multiple fields? Because, I think Dynamic query helps to filter the data in runtime and gets to filter the huge data and provide the result much faster than the usual one. So I need to ...

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Dynamic JSON Data Source JSON JSON Datasource Dynamic Datasources

Json array in data set - joining back to original data --- losing records when select * is used
answered 11-08-2021 06:58:14 -0400

I am seeing some odd behavior with a derived view that is the result of a field with JSON data being turned into an array and joined back to the original data set and the flattened. if I do a select * (no where clause) of the resulting join (after th...

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select query flatten ARRAY missing records JSON join