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SAP BO JDBC Connection - Kerberos authentication
answered 30-07-2021 07:03:57 -0400

Hello, ist it possible to connect from SAP BO via JDBC and authicate with Kerberos / or pass-through credentials? We managed such connection with ODBC, but prefer a JDBC connection? Is there anything I have to add to one the mentioned driver files in ...

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Related to: https://community.denodo.com/kb/en/view/document/How to access VDP from SAP BusinessObjects

SAP BO Kerberos pass-through

kerberos Setup for Denodo80
answered 04-03-2021 08:05:28 -0500

Hello, We are on Denodo7.0 and now building Denodo8.0 setup having one Solution manager and one Denodo server. I am just wondering while enabling SSO through kerberos, i have to put SPN ,Keytab and configuration file details, as I am performing POC i w...

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kerberos denodo80

ODBC connection | trusted non kerberos domain
answered 19-05-2020 07:28:29 -0400

Hello, We have configured Kerberos in 2 domains, domain1 and domain2. We have a scenario where we have 2-3 users from a different domain, domain3. We dont want to enable Kerberos to the whole domain we need need these 2-3 user of Domain3 to be able to...

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authorization Kerberos ODBC EXCEL ODBC Driver

VDP and Google Identity Services
answered 27-04-2020 15:33:44 -0400

Hi, We are evaluating the Denodo Platform to use it as our main data delivery platform in Belgium. Therefor, I wanted to know if it is possible to use Google Identity Services as our identity provider over Active Directory. Thanks Jurgen PwC Belgium

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Kerberos Security SSO

Connection refused on Impala connection with JDBC, kerberos
answered 07-04-2019 23:34:39 -0400

We have Cloudera5.12.2 and we’d like to connect to Impala(impala-2.9.0+cdh5.12.2+0) with JDBC. We use kerberos and we checked that we can kinit with the user we intend to use. We just DL the latest denodo express. Java is version8. We have DL Clouder...

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Kerberos JDBC impala

Kerberos authentication and service accounts
answered 24-08-2018 11:50:39 -0400

We have denodo 6.0 installed in our company and configured to work with Kerberos. We have fond that it works well for all regular users and delegates credentials to databases just fine. Now, we have some services working under service accounts. For all...

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Kerberos #LDAP-ServiceAccounts Active Directory

Kerberos in Denodo Express
answered 12-07-2018 07:55:05 -0400

I am creating a lab with virtualbox and a domain server. I'd like to know if I can configure Denodo Express to work with Kerberos. Would it work with just one "admin" account? Thanks!

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Kerberos Denodo Express

SSO to Denodo with Kerberos from Tableau Server 10.5
answered 28-03-2018 05:19:57 -0400

Curious, has anyone successfully tested Single Sign On to Denodo with Kerberos from Tableau Server 10.5.1? Thanks, Tony

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Kerberos Tableau denodo with tableau SSO

Similar Question to Location of keytab file for Kerberos authentication on windows server
answered 01-03-2018 05:32:50 -0500

The answer given to the question https://community.denodo.com/answers/question/details?questionId=90670000000L5RZAA0&title=Location+of+keytab+file+for+Kerberos+authentication+on+windows+server was not the best. Could the Denodo team please clarify...

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Kerberos Keytab

Kerberos connection to Hive server is throwing error
answered 13-03-2017 11:56:15 -0400

Have added following below entries in vdpadmin.bat file to be taken during java command: -Dsun.security.krb5.debug=true -Djavax.security.auth.useSubjectCredsOnly=false -Djava.security.krb5.conf=C:\utility\conf\krb5.ini -Djava.security.auth.login.confi...

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Kerberos Hive Hive JDBC Hadoop krb5 keytab