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denodo 8.0 express license
answered 11-04-2022 05:14:44 -0400

Hi all, I installed denodo express 8.0. Unfortunately license file is unavailable on express page Does someone know how to obtain the license file?

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Denodo Express License

License file not available for my user account
answered 06-04-2022 00:42:28 -0400

I downloaded Denodo express edition. After logging into the account, not able to see the license for my user account. It says the below error. Could you please check on the same and update us. User ID: smuthurajesh@gmail.com LICENSE FILE RENEWAL DATE...

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VDP adapter is not allowed by the license.
answered 23-11-2021 23:27:25 -0500

Hi, We have recently set up Denodo 8.0 Standard using the AWS AMI: Denodo 8.0 Standard (30 day free trial) and we are trying to set up a connection to a similar Denodo 8.0 instance on Azure. When trying to set up a new data source, we can test the co...

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Denodo Evaluation License License DENODO EVALUATION LICENSE

License gone into grace period even the license is valid.
answered 26-08-2021 04:00:58 -0400

Hi Team, The license has gone into grace period even there is validity for license is there. Also when trying to start the vqlserver_startup.sh it is giving some error stating "bad substituition". Solution manager and license manager are in running st...

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"Remote license not found. The server is not registered in Solution Manager." when starting VDP server in Docker container.
answered 18-01-2021 06:04:32 -0500

Can't get past the server trying to find a license on the license/solution manager when starting a VDP server in a Docker container. I've successfully started a local installation of a VDP server getting a license from the license/solution manager and ...

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container Denodo 7.0 Denodo 7 Solution Manager Docker 7 License 7.0 docker

Solution Manager- Need binaries on trail
answered 10-12-2020 08:39:35 -0500

Hi I am interested to do POC how denodo works using solution manager,Is there any way I can install solution manager for trail purpose or can I get it from cloud marketplace for trail. Regards Gaurav

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Solution Manager License

Free Trial: no extension available
answered 06-08-2020 07:10:30 -0400

Hi, I am second day on my free trial. I would like to connect to S3. However, there is nothing under "existing extension" Please advise. Thanks, Ming

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custom S3 license extension

Licensed number of cores and Solution Manager installation
answered 22-06-2020 07:57:22 -0400

Does the installation of Solution Manager count towards the number of Cores allowed as part of a license ? Lets say we have installed Denodo (main VDP) on an EC2 instance with 2 cores, and Solution Manager on a separate EC2 instance with 2 cores, does ...

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license information
answered 24-03-2020 10:36:52 -0400

Hi Team, Is there any file which stores the license details? Thanks.

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License configuration issue
answered 15-11-2019 08:50:46 -0500

I have used my license file in the Solution Manager of the Denodo 7.0 version, and when I open the Denodo Platform Control Center it says the Virtual DataPort Server is not available due to license restrictions. I cannot configure the license with the ...

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