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Retrieving Lineage of views
answered 22-10-2020 02:11:03 -0400

Hi Denodo team, I want to retrieve lineage of a view and its columns through query. Like if give a view name to query it should fetch its relative views.In similar way for its columns.Please help me with this.

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JDBC query data lineage #Data Lineage Lineage

Data Lineage Report in Excel
answered 15-09-2017 08:25:38 -0400

I have created and SOAP Service using through multi step approch creating multiple derived views from Database base views. However, I would like to capture all the linege(all intermediate steps) and Base View to Service View mappings in a spreadsheet. ...

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Excel Lineage

Query Lineage information
answered 20-12-2016 11:10:43 -0500

We are trying to find lineage information of a denodo view from external system. While searching I found the query command "DESC" which produces the queries used to create the view and much more related information. Are there any other cammands that we...

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Is there a way to get the transformation logic used to transform the base view columns to public views exposed in Denodo?
answered 30-12-2015 11:51:23 -0500

I am looking for a procedure similar to (COLUMN_DEPENDENCIES) which will expose the transformation logic along with the nested level of dependencies. Thanks in advance. Note: This information is not available in the COLUMN_DEPENDENCIES procedure. Le...

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