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Denodo upgrade(denodo-v80-update-20230301)

Hello team, We have installed the update in the Docker image and pushed it to registry also we did the helm deployment but even though we can see in pod the other update related changes, however we are not able to see the MPP changes. Even when we log...

Denodo Design Studio MPP Denodo upgrade


Denodo MPP

I want a sample document for getting MPP done in denodo with PrestoDB or Impala.Configure MPP Query Acceleration in Denodo.



Bulk Data Load API error in Denodo 8.0

I have followed the below steps to configure databricks as cache and mpp in denodo 8.0 from this link Everything is OK but querying table...

databrick Bulk Data Load Denodo8 MPP Cache


Databricks as MPP scaling cluster

Has anyone connected denodo to a databricks cluster for MPP scaling? I'd like to know the gotchas before I make the attempt myself.

databricks mpp


MPP and authorization

Hallo Denodo Team, First of all, thank you for the answeres to my many questions. This question may be vague, because I didn't really understand the context. Is there any possible issue that you are aware of with authorization/security when entrustin...

authorization security MPP