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Metadata proc - datasource for a base view
answered 13-10-2022 13:21:49 -0400

Is there a predefined stored proc where I can see the details of the datasource for a base view? I've been looking through https://community.denodo.com/docs/html/browse/7.0/vdp/vql/stored_procedures/predefined_stored_procedures/predefined_stored_proce...

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Running Queries
answered 30-09-2022 08:14:57 -0400

Do we have any metadata procedure to check running queries in Denodo ?

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Kubernetes + migrate to external database requires temporary restart in admin mode
answered 16-09-2022 12:26:20 -0400

Not so much a question as a note that (if confirmed by others) could be incorporated into documentation? During restart of VDP services after migration to external metadatabase the container reported below error [20220815 version]. I think the issue i...

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Denodo 8 kubernetes DENODO Metadata

Automation of Metadata
answered 03-08-2022 19:30:00 -0400

Hi Is there a script that automates the reading of metadata into denodo VDP and not the catalog since all the data sources are from excel? Like the data type and the field description without having to copy and paste from the excel metadata file?

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Excel Metadata

Scheduler Job execution Details
answered 22-04-2022 08:14:51 -0400

SQL server procedures are loading data to a CSV file. Need to implement this solution using Denodo and send the status of the job execution as view output. We are able to export the view output in a CSV file using Denodo scheduler jobs. Is there...

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Metadata Schedule jobs

Restoring metadata via server restore
answered 24-02-2022 07:15:44 -0500

Hello team, We are having issues with an import of our data on one of our servers, so we are planning to revert the servers to an earlier backup to restore data to how it was prior to the import we ran. In order to do so, we are simply restoring all d...

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rollback metadata restore

Issue post installing Denodo Express
answered 06-10-2021 01:48:53 -0400

Hi Team, I am not able to create any folder/VDB after successfully installing Denodo Express in one of the WIndows Machine with the default login/password: admin/admin. I took help of the IT team while installing it in the machine as advised during i...

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#Metadata Loading Metadata

Denodo Scheduler Information
answered 13-08-2021 18:37:34 -0400

Does the Denodo stores the job schedule and run information in any of the metadata (scheduled through the Denodo Job Scheduler)? Kindly let me know. Thanks !

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Metadata Denodo Scheduler 7.0

How to search for / list in Denodo columns (of a view) that make use of a certain function?
answered 25-03-2021 08:37:01 -0400

How can I search for / list in Denodo all columns (of a view) that make us of a certain function? For example, I would like to list all columns that make use of "getdaysbetween"?

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Denodo stored procedure Metadata Catalog

Error while retrieving data from element_metadata() procedure
answered 28-02-2021 23:58:09 -0500

Need to extract data from element_metadata() procedure. I'm getting below error while executing this procedure. __P__S_NULL_79531090828947838643116096234859310357981553095826998064586988454878675543788_2743334557 [PROJECTION] [ERROR] ELEMENT_METADAT...

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Metadata element_metadata