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Expression written on a column of a flatten view
answered 16-07-2020 10:57:46 -0400

Unable to get the expreession written on column of a flatten view from element_metadata table. I get the output for the column - "expression" as --> Flattened Field: "EX_LIST_array" Note: Base view has an array data set. We flatten the base view i...

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Denodo 7.0 Metadata views

Data Lineage metadata extraction and its graphical representation
answered 25-06-2020 02:30:40 -0400

I understand denodo provide certain predefined views to expose metadata. Couple of those views expose data lineage information. But do you expect the consuming application to build the graphical representation themselves or do you also provide some sup...

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Metadata views data lineage

Getting obligatory field of views
answered 14-11-2019 16:50:41 -0500

Hi Team , Is there any metadata table or procedure of denodo by which we can see query capabilities ,in order to find which fields are mandatory and which are optional. Thanks.

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Metadata views