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Multiple Nest()
answered 28-10-2020 05:53:52 -0400

Hello I am attempting to create multiple nests in my json output within denodo. I have the following vql statement in the derived view; CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW dv_view2_name FOLDER = '/03 - business entities/project/03 - derived views' AS SELECT ...

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Nested Array API nesting

How to achieve JSON custom format for array of values while applying Denodo nest()
answered 11-01-2019 05:21:35 -0500

Hi Denodo Team, I have created a base view with 3 employee records for Dept_id= 'D100' as below. SELECT 'D100' AS dept_id , 'E1' AS empid FROM DUAL UNION SELECT 'D100' AS dept_id , 'E2' AS empid FROM DUAL UNION SELECT 'D100' AS dept_id , 'E3' AS empid...

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Nested Array DENODO REST Webservice JSON

Nested Array
answered 30-07-2018 12:49:24 -0400

Hi, I was wondering what would be the best way to create ARRAY inside an ARRAY, especially when you have huge data source(8M records)? I achived it using derived views but because of the data, when I create the 2nd ARRAY with ARRAY( from the derived v...

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Nested Array