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How to get token with server configuration Oauth2 introspection

With server configuration Oauth2 introspection, I tried to setup a REST service with Oauth2, but it doesn't work. Can someone help me to setup a REST service using Server introspection From the documentation I read => At runtime, the Denodo serve...



How can I use SSO using Power BI or Python with Denodo

When setting up python scripts, or PowerBI dashboard how do I envoke SSO ? We are using SSO via Oauth on Active Directory. In Power BI : Using Denodo connector Using DSN settings : Server=<our ip>; port=<our port>; database=<our db> ...

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ODBC with OAuth2

Hi, We want to configure an ODBC with OAuth2 on Windows, with an OAuth Server which exposes the grant type Authorization Code. In the ODBC configuration > Advanced Options > Page 3 > OAuth 2.0 settings > Extra parameters, we set : grant_...

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Json data source pagination

Hi , I am able to fetch the data from API using oauth2 successfully, I am facing a challenge in configuring the pagination. I am trying to fetch the data from the above instructions, as ...

Pagination REST API get JSON oauth2


Auth 2.0 authentication in JSON source

Hi Team, We have created few java custom wrappers to connect to some API which is based on STS authentication method. Now they have migrated to Auth 2.0 authentication from STS. Now that we can connect to their API using json data source, GET method a...

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Json data source using Outh2 Authentication

Is there a documentation where it helps us to connect to json data source using oauth2 authentication?

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