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How can I create an Oracle DB Link to Denodo?
answered 07-04-2015 04:48:31 -0400

Dear Denodo, How can I create an Oracle DB Link to Denodo? I see in the Denodo 5.5 Update 20150319 VDP Release notes that you fixed bug #20859. I didn't even know that we could create an Oracle DB link into Denodo. How do I create this DB link from...

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Slow performance when joining tables from oracle database
answered 28-11-2014 05:48:16 -0500

Two issues related to vql performance. I am connecting to a oracle 12c database and trying to query a record from huge table. Denodo is not returning records . I am testing joining two oracle tables using the base views . The performance of the query ...

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oracle Sql performance

How can we insert rows with a sequence generated primary key?
answered 10-10-2014 01:07:01 -0400

We would like to do POST requests to Denodo 5 webservices without including a primary key in the HTTP body/document and then have oracle generate the primary key based on a sequence. The equivalent SQL statement we are trying to mimic in Denodo is: ...

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rest sequence oracle primary keys