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Data type mapping
answered 03-01-2019 08:04:42 -0500

Hi, Happy New Year I have been asked to produce a data type mapping from Oracle to Denodo. I can't figure out what happens, for instance to integers: In Oracle an integer would be a Number(38), so -999..(38 9s) to 999... In Denodo the Int data type h...

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oracle datatype

Interpolation of function and variable.
answered 26-09-2018 08:27:23 -0400

I have a connection to an Oracle database. In the connection we set up several Driver Properties including the user name which the database uses to pull only the rows the user executing the query has access to (row security). That property is set up l...

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Function Interpolation Variables oracle

How to change database schema of Oracle base views
answered 07-05-2018 11:39:27 -0400

Hi, in our development system (denodo 6.0, latest update) we frequently want to change the database schema of many existing base views belonging to the same Oracle data source. The problem is that the schema name is included in every JDBC wrapper, fo...

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Denodo 6.0 JDBC oracle wrapper

How can I create an Oracle DB Link to Denodo?
answered 07-04-2015 04:48:31 -0400

Dear Denodo, How can I create an Oracle DB Link to Denodo? I see in the Denodo 5.5 Update 20150319 VDP Release notes that you fixed bug #20859. I didn't even know that we could create an Oracle DB link into Denodo. How do I create this DB link from...

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Slow performance when joining tables from oracle database
answered 28-11-2014 05:48:16 -0500

Two issues related to vql performance. I am connecting to a oracle 12c database and trying to query a record from huge table. Denodo is not returning records . I am testing joining two oracle tables using the base views . The performance of the query ...

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oracle Sql performance

How can we insert rows with a sequence generated primary key?
answered 10-10-2014 01:07:01 -0400

We would like to do POST requests to Denodo 5 webservices without including a primary key in the HTTP body/document and then have oracle generate the primary key based on a sequence. The equivalent SQL statement we are trying to mimic in Denodo is: ...

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rest sequence oracle primary keys