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Connect to Oracle database with JDBC

I am new to the VDP and having an issue connecting an Oracle database. I have no issues connecting via ODBC in my other environment using the following credentials: TNS Service Name: ABC123.COMPANY.COM with my user ID and password defined (driver is 1...

Oracle 12c JDBC Data Sources


While connecting thru JDBC to Oracle 12c Could not initialize class oracle.jdbc.driver.DMSFactory

Hello Experts, While I try connecting to Orcale 12c, I am getting the error "Could not initialize class oracle.jdbc.driver.DMSFactory". Error details below, please note this is first time installed Denodo and trying connect to Oracle db. Details belo...

Oracle 12c Oracle DB connection Issue


querying an oracle view

hi , I have created on orcale connection in Denodo , and I could see all my related tables and views in the connection in VDP , however when I try to query the view it throws an error . 'Error loading view' I am mentioning the select query in the form...

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oracle 12c


Slow response from Denodo

Hi, Environment: Database Oracle 12c Denodo : 6.0 We have a table (sa_suppliers) with about 162,000 rows, 110 columns and occupying about 118 MB When we query this table (no join with anything else), the response is very slow. Typically, if we select ...

Oracle 12c