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How do i connect the sql /postgres database with this c# application?
answered 22-06-2022 07:56:18 -0400

How do i connect the sql /postgres database with this c# application? Could you please help me on this? I couldn't find the way to connect postgres and denodo. I used microsoft sql server management studio 2014 to connect the denodo, and I connecti...

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C# PostgreSQL SQL

postgresql connecting C# application dotnet framework 4.5,npgsql 4.0.4
answered 22-06-2022 07:23:29 -0400

I have used postgresql to connect the denodo, And these are the connection properties ; Name : test DB adapter : PostgreSQL 10 Driver class path: PostgreSQL-10 Driver class : org.postgresql.Driver Databae URI: jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/test Tra...

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C# PostgreSQL dotnet framework visual studio

How do I connect postgres DB in denodo?
answered 16-06-2022 07:50:42 -0400

How do I connect postgres DB in denodo? Could you please help on this,?

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Unable to connect to Postgres server
answered 08-04-2022 05:26:34 -0400

Hi, Our team has been attempting to connect to our Postgres server on Denodo for awhile now, but it's still not budging at the moment. Our databases might be a bit more complicated in the sense that it needs to be accessed via a SSH tunnel. We've adju...

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Denodo JDBC connector for PostgreSQL 11
answered 30-06-2021 02:38:05 -0400

Hi, I am trying to connect to a PostgreSQL 11 from Denodo 7.0, but the latest available JDBC driver seems to be for PostgreSQL 10. Does any of you know if there exists a JDBC connector for PostgreSQL 11 available in Denodo 7.0? If not, is it safe to us...

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Denodo 7.0 PostgreSQL

Postgres ADDDAY translates, but other ADD datetime functions do not
answered 20-05-2021 21:10:43 -0400

We recently started using a Postgres connection in Denodo. We've noticed that on larger datasets (particularly in joins) that performance is impacted when using the ADDMONTH function. ADDMONTH can't be delegated to the data source since it's not a Post...

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datetime PostgreSQL Date time function

PostgreSQL v 13.2 Database connector/JDBC drivers - When?
answered 30-04-2021 13:30:37 -0400

Hi there, I know it is very early on to be asking this question, but does anyone know by when the JDBC drivers for v13.2 of PostgreSQL will be available, or if they are already available, where to get them? At the moment the highest version in the se...

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Denodo 8.0 Connector PostgreSQL JDBC Remote Tables

Connecting to Postgresql on EC2 Instance
answered 07-08-2020 11:59:40 -0400

Hi, I am trying to connect to a database "user" on a PostgresQL I set up on an EC2 instance. I believe I have allowed port 5432 on the inbound rules and I have modified the two config files. But I received this error message. Unable to establish c...

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PostgreSQL EC2 instance AWS

ERROR: Syntax Error: Exception Parsing query near 'show'
answered 24-09-2019 08:13:43 -0400

Hi, I am trying to get my odbc 64 bit connection working on my pc. my 32 bit works fine. For this 64 bit I am using PostgreSQL Unicode(x64). I have the same settings as my odbc32. Except the postgresql versions are different. 32odbc i run ANSI 9.03...

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Getting SSL I/O errors while loading data from Denodo views using Informatica sessions
answered 14-06-2019 02:16:17 -0400

I am getting few SSL I/O errors in the Informatica session when I try to load data from Denodo view. The issue seems to go away when I try restart the failed session, but seeing this issue quite often. Do I need to make any configuration changes on De...

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SSL I/O error PostgreSQL Informatica