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Pagination Issue
answered 22-10-2020 08:41:33 -0400

Here is the format of data : { "name": "mytable", "elements": [ { "name": Den, "number": null, "date": "2020-06-12", "designation": null }, ...........1000 rows exist ] "links": [ { "rel": "next", "title": "Next interval", "href": "?$start_index=...

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Want API as paginated
answered 02-10-2020 08:30:49 -0400

Hello, Below is the Scenario, Please suggest I have extrenal API that gives me limit of 1000 records at a time. The data that I receive contains link for next page(a half link ex:) Full link is like : https:/exmaple.com/sgvu/myapi/query?Select n...

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Pagination #API #Rest_API

Iterate Api
answered 29-09-2020 21:09:37 -0400

Hello, I have 12 number of pages with my API with limit of 1000 and offset of 1000. Now If I obtain a single page of data it consists of 1000 rows of data and I cannot increase the limit to even 2000 becuase of source that provides only 1k data at a ...

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Pagination #API #Rest_API

Json data source pagination
answered 30-06-2020 17:43:41 -0400

Hi , I am able to fetch the data from API using oauth2 successfully, I am facing a challenge in configuring the pagination. https://apiexplorer.csod.com/apiconnectorweb/apiexplorer#/info I am trying to fetch the data from the above instructions, as ...

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Pagination REST API get JSON oauth2

Denodo workday connection - Pagination
answered 19-06-2020 00:31:12 -0400

Hi team, i have imported workday SOAP Web Service using an XML data source in denodo. The web service has multiple pages. But base view is giving data from only 1st page by default. I need to get all the web pages in single request. I could find pagina...

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pagination Workday

JSON datasource pagination: path to “next” URL in response — in array
answered 17-06-2020 20:49:41 -0400

What is the syntax of the Path to “next” URL in response field in JSON data source pagination settings? I am trying to adress a second object in array, e.g. consider a modified example from the manual: { "name": "p_echo", "elements": [{ "cu...

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pagination JSON Data Source

External APIs with Row Limits - How do I get all the rows? ie; Pagination
answered 20-06-2018 12:35:03 -0400

I'm trying to connect to an external rest service. Unfortunately, this service limits the number of rows per call. My question is how do I loop / continue calling the service until all the data is returned?

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Pagination API Row Limits