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input parameter at run time
answered 30-11-2022 21:12:31 -0500

Hi , I want one input parameter field to be provided at the run time of a base view . I'm using this query in create from base view option in data source tab. select * from edl_cs_space_plan_analysis.v_lab_building_floor_space_org_alllocation where spa...

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Parameter runtime parameter

VQL to identify obligatory parameters/search methods via VQL
answered 02-11-2022 04:58:39 -0400

How do you determine the mandatory parameters/search methods given a view using VQL?

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VQL Parameter

REST Webservice as DataSource with optional parameters
answered 28-09-2022 08:31:00 -0400

I am using a REST Webservice as a Datasource. To get the data, the Webservice GET function takes three Parameters "accountingClientId", "customerId" and "invoiceId". The first two are mandatory, the third is optional. I managed to do this by using ^Exe...

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REST Parameter REST Webservice JSON Datasource DataSource

On base views created from query with parameters-how can we pass the parameters from a subquery in where statement
answered 14-06-2022 05:57:06 -0400

I have created a base view from query which contains parameters that I need to pass in order to get the result set. Base view name is bv_root_table. Parameter for the base view that is required that we pass is AccountID field. I am trying to execute a...

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Invalid query in create base view from query View without search methods baseview created from query Parameter Subquery

Denodo Parameter Error - without search methods
answered 13-06-2022 07:45:22 -0400

I created a view with a parameter. If there is specific value typed into that parameter the view processes just fine.However, I need the parameter field to be blank, so when you open the view the end user has the option to type in the parameter they ar...

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search methods Parameter

How to restrict results returned in PowerBI using a parameter?
answered 04-05-2022 12:25:18 -0400

we have a table in denodo with a time dimension, can we restrict the number of results using a parameter in PowerBI?

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Power BI Parameter

Connecting Denodo views with parameters to Power BI.
answered 29-07-2021 17:03:26 -0400

I've been working with a few Denodo views and am looking to bring the final view into Power BI. However, I need to somehow define the required parameters as I'm connecting the view or else Power BI will return an error. I would like to connect these de...

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Power BI Parameter Power Query

Changing parameter
answered 30-03-2021 08:40:58 -0400

Hi there, I have made one comparision parameter in a join view, like input '=' or 'in' localdate(2201/02/03) but if I want to add between range here, then what changes I have to do and how it works. I am trying to chnage it but it won't work.

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change parameter

To add a parameter to a derived view
answered 14-01-2020 02:37:03 -0500

I have Denodo Express v7 and I'm trying to generate a view which handle view parameters, but the button to handle it in the Model Tab is always disabled, is it because I am using Denodo Express or it might be something else? (like some configuration is...

Answers: 3

Parameter View Parameter entry derived view

in selection view, is there any way that input parameter can accept values from subquery rather direct assignment
answered 10-01-2020 19:26:28 -0500

in selection view, is there any way that input view parameter can accept values from subquery rather direct assignment of values. if i assign values through sun query like below SELECT GETDAYSBETWEEN(in_from_effective_date, in_to_effective_date), p_p...

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Parameter View Parameter entry selection view