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Remote table creation timesout in Design Studio
answered 17-11-2021 17:53:32 -0500

Hi Team, When creating Remote Table from Design Studio for a fairly large data set, the query times out and thus the creation of remote table. Is there a way to run it in backgroud? Atleast the population of data in background? After increasing the q...

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QUERY_TIMEOUT Denodo Design Studio Remote Tables

How to solve QUERY_TIMEOUT
answered 24-06-2020 16:51:48 -0400

How can I solve the QUERY_TIMEOUT after 900 seconds. My connection is: Driver class: oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver Database URI: jdbc:oracle:thin:@ As explained in Developer guide, I tried: jdbc:oracle:thin:@

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Push down not working in Dendo Version 7
answered 26-06-2019 08:31:56 -0400

we recently went though an upgrade from Denodo 6 to Denodo 7. We followed the migration guide provided by Denodo. All seemed to have worked. Data was flowing and users logging in. However, some users started placing queries that worked just fine in den...

Answers: 2

RANK Function Migration Rank QUERY_TIMEOUT Upgrade

Denodo base view times out in 15 minutes (Microsoft SQL Server 2014 (MS Driver))
answered 03-08-2018 12:20:58 -0400

Denodo Server times out when I try to access the base view that takes more than 15 minutes to execute. Since query timeouts are a client side concept only, I have already altered below settings on BOTH the clients: Admin Tool Preference -> Connect...

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Denodo Base view times out in 15 minutes
answered 17-07-2018 16:52:34 -0400

Denodo Server still times out when I try to access the base view that takes more than 15 minutes to execute. I have already changed Admin Tool Preference -> Connection -> Query timeout(milliseconds) to ZERO. Admin -> Server Configuration -&g...

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Connection Time out QUERY_TIMEOUT

Max Query Timeout allowed by Denodo
answered 22-06-2017 08:08:39 -0400

I have set the Query Timeout value to Zero (which means no timeout limit). I ran the Gather Statistics for my Base View and the Timeout occurred after 900 seconds (15 minutes). Is the maximum statistics time allowed by Denodo = 15 minutes (900 secon...

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Connection often timeout
answered 30-06-2016 07:30:37 -0400

we have to use denodo connect the oracle db to retrieve some data. but recently, we find the connection often occur timeout. we checked the interaction between 2 servers and it's ok. sometimes, i open a admin tool to run some sql demo in the denodo ser...

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Query timeout after 15 mins
answered 04-04-2016 12:21:33 -0400

In our case we connected Spotfire to Denodo and querying Oracle DB. Query's that are taking more than exactly 15 mins (running time+data fetching time) are failing with the below error. Failed to get data: Error executing query. Total time 900.002 se...

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