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Using Denodo Views in SAS Enterprise Guide
answered 01-08-2018 12:44:54 -0400

Denodo platform 6.0 Good morning, I'm wondering if there's any documentation around best practices when querying Denodo views from a BI tool, specificallySAS Enterprise Guide. The main use case we're wondering about is joining a SAS data set to a Den...

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How do I pull all records from the past two days?
answered 23-05-2017 06:39:57 -0400

What is the best way to pull all records from the past two days? Here is what I currently have and it does not work: select * from table_1 where creation_date between CURRENT_DATE and Subtract(CURRENT_DATE(), 2)

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Automatic query rewrite
answered 09-05-2017 05:17:12 -0400

Hi, we're explor enodo as a cache platform for EDW, our EDW is built on redshift and we'd like to replic a similar featur to oracle's aggreg uery rewrite within denodo, are there any docs or examplea on how to do this. Our BI tool is cognos and its mo...

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