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How to convert a date and time to another format?
answered 09-09-2020 05:51:13 -0400

Hi! I would like to know how to convert a column with a date format such as dd/MM/YYYY 12:00:00 a.m to a format where only shows "dd/MM/YYYY". I have used the function FORMATDATE('dd/MM/YYYY, datecolumn) and although it gives me the format that I want ...

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Timezone conversion Dates Questionable

Not Sure of Error in VDP
answered 30-04-2015 11:52:57 -0400

Below is the error I recieved in the VDP and I am not sure what is wrong or how to fix it. The wrapper works fine in the ITPilot. Error executing query. Total time 5.156 seconds. QUERY [PROJECTION] [ERROR] QUERY [SELECTION] [ERROR] OH_CLERMONT_CO...

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VDP Error Questionable