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Using pagination with Denodo REST, is there a way to jump to the last page?
answered 17-02-2017 08:59:51 -0500

Is there a way to skip to the last page? For example, when paginating, you give denodo the start_index and also the count of records, is there a parameter I can use to jump to the last records in the dataset?

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Configure OAuth for Myob AccountRight
answered 09-02-2017 23:27:33 -0500

Trying to establish a connection to the AccountRight API - details are at http://developer.myob.com/api/accountright/api-overview/authentication/ I have got the access token and set up the http headers (x-myobapi-cftoken, x-myobapi-key, x-myobapi-vers...

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rest oauth

Multiple input parameters in REST
answered 10-11-2016 03:43:39 -0500

HI Please let me know how to pass or query multiple inputs for a REST service. Eg. If my REST service has a view with 'Rollnum' in where condition then how shall i fetch the records for the roll numbers "1,,3,6,7" in one go ? Thanks

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input REST multiple Parameters parameter

REST - get response without the enitre HTML page
answered 07-10-2015 13:41:29 -0400

After deploying a REST web service, we can use the lnk in the table at the Web Service COntainer page to get data from the view. But, the response to these REST calls are complete HTML pages. Is there a way to just get the data, instead of the entire ...

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HTTP Headers for an external REST service
answered 29-07-2015 10:16:28 -0400

We have to integrate with a SaaS HR system which exposes everything RESTfully. To search with a filter, I have to make a POST and pass in a JSON header according to their syntax. I have the following working so far as my header - this will create 2 r...

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Connect to REST Web Service via MS Excel
answered 21-05-2015 18:05:05 -0400

Hi I’m hoping someone can help with a pretty basic query. I have a view that I’ve published as a REST Web Service. The view is visible via my browser the url is: http://<ipaddress>:9090/server/<environment>/drv_ibs_nav_actual_forecast_budget_unional...

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REST Excel Web Service

Restfulws/tutorial browser error
answered 13-03-2015 14:28:35 -0400

Hi, Assistance very much appreciated with this. I'm getting error HTTP STATUS 401 This request requires HTTP authentication when entering http://localhost:9090/denodo-restfulws/tutorial in browser. I reran the app server with no success.

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"denodo-restfulws" page not found error
answered 05-03-2015 11:33:16 -0500

I have been following the instructions in exploring RESTful web services from the denodo community site. https://community.denodo.com/tutorials/browse/basics/4connect3consume But when i try to access the Denodo using RESTfull webservice(http://localh...

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rest Denodo

Web container status: OFF
answered 05-03-2015 11:30:16 -0500

I have been exploring the Data services module from denodo community site https://community.denodo.com/tutorials/browse/dataservices/index after creating the interface, i created the SOAP dataservice and REST dataservice, when i try to deploy these s...

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rest SOAP Web Service

Apache Tomcat Error on rest services
answered 18-02-2015 06:13:59 -0500

Trying to execute the tutorial: https://community.denodo.com/tutorials/browse/basics/4connect3consume I want to see the rest services published on 'http://localhost:9090/denodo-restfulws/' and get this error: This requirement needs http authentication ...

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rest tomcat