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Update multiple records in single call using rest web service
answered 21-10-2014 18:12:34 -0400

Hi, I've been able to setup a REST web service that allows me to update a single record using a PUT. However, we are running into severe performance issues running large batches of updates due to having to execute one http call per record to update. W...

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Is it possible to send the 'distinct' modifier via web service?
answered 20-10-2014 18:46:58 -0400

Sometimes we want distinct elements returned, sometimes we don't. Is it possible to use a single view but send the 'distinct' modified via the web service? Or do we need to create another view that includes the distinct modifier? Thank you!

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Denodo rest

How can we insert rows with a sequence generated primary key?
answered 10-10-2014 01:07:01 -0400

We would like to do POST requests to Denodo 5 webservices without including a primary key in the HTTP body/document and then have oracle generate the primary key based on a sequence. The equivalent SQL statement we are trying to mimic in Denodo is: ...

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rest sequence oracle primary keys