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Aggregate data via restful web service
answered 01-07-2022 16:40:03 -0400

I've seen this question asked a couple of times but last answered in 2017. Is there now a way to aggregate (e.g. sum) data via the restful web service? E.g. '...$groupby=category&$select=category,sumValue&$format=json'

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REST API API Denodo Rest API Aggregate

API run time parameter
answered 31-01-2022 23:06:12 -0500

Hi Team, I have a REST JSON API with a $select clause for 1 field, which will display results in a particular drop down field in user side portal - JIRA. (the view has multiple fields) Now, based on the selection on one of the values, from above API,...

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VQL query from DataCatalog REST API
answered 17-01-2022 07:22:10 -0500

Hi, From Virtual Data Port Server with JDBC driver , I can execute the following VQL query to retrieve view information : DESC VIEW <view_name> I would like execute this VQL query from public datacatalog REST API (http://vhost1:9090/denodo-dat...

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answered 12-01-2022 08:14:31 -0500

I would retrieve metadata database information from vdp server. I can directly connect with jdbc driver to the metadata database, but i would prefer use a REST API. Is it possible to retrieve the denodo metadata database information from vdp server w...

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DataCatalog swagger not available
answered 12-01-2022 08:12:44 -0500

I installed the denodo express 8.0 version on windows 10 OS, and i would retrieve the data-catalog swagger REST API. Following documentation (https://community.denodo.com/docs/html/browse/8.0/en/vdp/data_catalog/appendix/rest_api/rest_api), swagger ur...

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Denodo Solution Manager REST API, how to handle deploy objects by Dependency with the REST API Call
answered 10-01-2022 00:38:46 -0500

Hi Team, we are working on some process which about autdeploy with solution manager Rest API, I want to understand if we have create a revision ,which is a vql, how can we handle deploy this objects with dependency? Thanks.

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REST API Solution Manager Dependency deploy

Pagination issue which retrieving data from API
answered 02-09-2021 13:44:50 -0400

We are connecting to API via a GATEWAY where our request is passed though based on the URI. Example 1) We have a API https://abc.com/api/v1.1/ 2) We need to call the API via a gateway, So Denodo will call http://gateway.com/abc/api/v1.1/query/pagesiz...

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REST API Pagination Denodo Pagination

Denodo 8: synchronize the VDP server metadata with Data Catalog using Data Catalog REST API
answered 23-07-2021 20:15:36 -0400

Hi Team, I am following page https://community.denodo.com/docs/html/browse/7.0/vdp/data_catalog/appendix/rest_api/rest_api#rest-api for metadata synchronization from VDP to Data Catalog for Denodo 8. Can you please help confirm if the Denodo 8 can use ...

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Denodo 8 REST API VDP Synchronize Data Catalog

parameterized REST API End Point
answered 14-03-2021 11:11:39 -0400

I have REST API end point shown below http://api.mydata.com/mydataAPI/api/InventoryTrading/w?flag=&quotetype=AA&productcode=101 I will get only one row with above URI which is for product=101 I want to parameterized last part ( productcode=1...

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Passing Multiple values to multiple parameters in a REST API - Error
answered 11-02-2021 06:44:27 -0500

System Details : Denodo 7.0 - Windows 10 Operating system Query Topic : Passing multiple paramters and multiple values in REST API Web Service through URL Issue : While trying to pass multiple values to the multiple input paramters of REST API throug...

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REST API Multiple values multiple Parameters