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I do not have a finite number of values to include "cases" on to create new columns
answered 16-08-2021 11:08:24 -0400

I have scenario where the number unique values in the column (questionid) could keep getting larger. so I can't set up a static list of CASE conditions is there a way to dynamically take the column value for question id and put it across the top of t...

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Register pivot crosstab

Flatten a register in XML
answered 14-04-2017 13:00:07 -0400

Hi team! I have a couple of XML files with a register in it. These are orderfiles from different sources, so they use different names for fields. I'd like to make a new virtual generic table (ordertable) with these XML files, but it seems I can't fl...

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Register XML

I cann´t register it
answered 17-03-2015 10:00:39 -0400

Hi I tried to register the express version but i coudn´t, That wasn´t the begining i was looking for so i gave up, but yesterday i recieved an email so i´ll try again, i´ll give it another chance before i´ll remove it. The error is "C:\Program Files\D...

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