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Schedule a remote table refresh
answered 17-02-2022 08:10:22 -0500

The remote table is created in a jdbc source system and the base view is created in Denodo. But how do I schedule a job to refresh this Remote table

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Remote Tables

Remote table creation timesout in Design Studio
answered 17-11-2021 17:53:32 -0500

Hi Team, When creating Remote Table from Design Studio for a fairly large data set, the query times out and thus the creation of remote table. Is there a way to run it in backgroud? Atleast the population of data in background? After increasing the q...

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QUERY_TIMEOUT Denodo Design Studio Remote Tables

PostgreSQL v 13.2 Database connector/JDBC drivers - When?
answered 30-04-2021 13:30:37 -0400

Hi there, I know it is very early on to be asking this question, but does anyone know by when the JDBC drivers for v13.2 of PostgreSQL will be available, or if they are already available, where to get them? At the moment the highest version in the se...

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