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Is there a query to see role-to-role assignments?
answered 28-02-2019 06:34:23 -0500

Using Denodo 6.0, is there a query or service which can provide a list of roles and any roles granted to them? Obviously, the "Role Management" window has what I want ... and I want it in a way that external audit automation can pick it up. I have rev...

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roles Role and User Management

Different roles within the same Distribution List
answered 14-01-2019 07:29:30 -0500

We have configured an LDAP authentication in our Denodo system. We have different databases created meant for different users but under the same Distribution List(DL). So if i want to assign privilege for a user to a particular database from the DL, wi...

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Access and Role Role and User Management

Functionality of allusers role?
answered 16-11-2017 08:31:52 -0500

We are currently using VDP V6.0.20170220. As a local schema admin (not server admin), I would like to leverage the allusers role to grant security to connect to my schema, read from certain views, etc. to all LDAP users in situations where the data acc...

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Role and User Management

Denodo User Name and User Description
answered 25-10-2017 09:13:29 -0400

Hi Team, When a user is created in VDP tool, there is a field "Description". Now "catalog permissions" view gives details of these users. Is there any way to find out user name along with the description which we gave while creating the user ?

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Role and User Management

Logging User Roles and Privileges
answered 20-10-2017 06:17:32 -0400

Team, Suppose I have a Normal User "User A" with READ privilege on "Database A". Now, user privileges are modified to READ and WRITE on "Database A". Will this modification be logged anywhere ? That on this date and time by this admin user, privilege...

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Role and User Management

Roles/privileges needed to run the Catalog stored procedures
answered 26-07-2017 02:43:40 -0400

I am using a local user account in the Denodo system to run the Stored Procedure CLEAN_DATABASE_CACHE. I am getting the following error: The user does not have READ privileges on the procedure 'clean_cache_database' What is the Role needed so that th...

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privileges Role and User Management

Assign Role privileges to a Web Service in a Folder
answered 31-03-2017 07:35:12 -0400

Please let me know how I can grant privileges on a WebService in a Virtual Database (VDB). I am able to assign privileges any View in the VDB, but not a Web Service in that same VDB.

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Role and User Management Web Service

user creation automation
answered 27-02-2017 12:53:38 -0500

Hi Team, Is there any way to automate the user creation activity in VDP, other than VDP admin tool option.

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Role and User Management

user impersonation for hive
answered 11-01-2017 12:27:53 -0500

We need to integrate with apache ranger to send policy information for authorization in hive. Has user impersonation been tested in this manner? Any thoughts?

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Role and User Management

Integrate user credentials in UDF
answered 18-11-2016 07:32:47 -0500

I need to connect to an external system in an UDF. Is there a way to get the credentials of user querying UDF so that the same can be user to connect to an external system?

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UDF Role and User Management User Defined Function