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Assign restrictions without execute rights
answered 28-02-2021 21:17:02 -0500

Hello, I have multiple interface views in my report layer with customer sales and sales figures. I used the 'Assign Restrictions' function in a shared base view, so for example German users could only see sales data from Germany. Which also worked very...

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Role and User Management

Data Catalog - Non Administration User
answered 01-07-2020 03:39:19 -0400

I am not able to assign "only read" privileges to a user in the Denodo Catalog. Is there any combination where the "Administration" tab in the Denodo Catalog menu does not appear? In our project we do not want the regular users being able to change ...

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data catalog Role and User Management

List of Roles and complete hierarchy
answered 16-06-2020 05:43:07 -0400

How do i get the list of roles in Denodo and the complete role hierarchy?

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Role and User Management

User Access and Privileges
answered 07-04-2020 12:47:01 -0400

Question 1: Is it possible to revoke the 'allusers' role from a user? Question 2: How can we give specific privileges over a user to the Solution Manager. Should the user be created in the SM VDP or where should I be doing it? Thanks in Advance

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Create User Role and User Management Roles Users

Reading user details along with LDAP configuration for that user
answered 16-03-2020 07:41:05 -0400

Dear Team, I want to read the user details for the given username along with LDAP Configuration details from denodo using VQL command via JDBC request. DESC user <username> Results the following when we execute from VQL Shell user name: '<u...

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Role and User Management

User Access History
answered 25-11-2019 21:00:51 -0500

Hi Team, Denodo 6.0 Does Denodo stores user privilege and role assigning history and which user assigned access ? Through catalog permissions() we can view the recent permissions. But how to find : which user assigned the permission/role to ano...

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Role and User Management

Provide access to SINGLE view to MULTIPLE roles
answered 05-11-2019 08:54:33 -0500

Hello team, As we know, in Denodo we can give a view level access for a role. I have a situation where I need to give access to a SINGLE view to MULTIPLE roles(around 30). The procedure is to select each role, click on edit in the database and give wh...

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Denodo stored procedure database assign privilages Base View descrptions Stored Procedure Access and Role VQL Role Role and User Management Roles Users

User & Roles creation
answered 26-07-2019 05:06:11 -0400

The information in the link below https://community.denodo.com/docs/html/browse/7.0/solution_manager/administration/authentication_and_authorization/authorization/authorization Do we need to create these users in all the VDP server in the cluster? or ...

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solution manager Role and User Management

Denodo on Concurrent Logins by the Same User
answered 01-07-2019 06:06:02 -0400

We have a requirement to disallow concurrent user logins with the same credentials. The requirement also includes prompting the user of concurrent log-in attempts being made with information on the location of the attempt being made. Is this possible ...

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Login Role and User Management

Role, User and VCS management options are disabled in Denodo express 7.0
answered 29-05-2019 17:53:50 -0400

Downloaded and installed Denodo express 7.0. Logged in with default admin user. I am able to connect to cloud source and create views. But user management, Role management and VCS management options are disabled. Why so?

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Create User Role and User Management