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Rollback Job Scheduler
answered 29-07-2022 14:28:20 -0400

Hi Team, Assume we have some 5 jobs and all have been set to job dependency of each other. Job 1,2,3,4 are dependency of Job 5. In Job 1 and Job 2 , I do exporting the data to JDBC (SQL server table) . Job 3 is just the extraction and Job 4 is again e...

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Job scheduler Rollback

Restoring metadata via server restore
answered 24-02-2022 07:15:44 -0500

Hello team, We are having issues with an import of our data on one of our servers, so we are planning to revert the servers to an earlier backup to restore data to how it was prior to the import we ran. In order to do so, we are simply restoring all d...

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rollback metadata restore

Rollback Deployments in Solution Manager
answered 22-10-2020 05:15:01 -0400

Hello, Can you please advise if there is a rollback feature in solution manager with regards to deployments. Often times after we deploy a report in one environment to another environment, there are times we need to undo, or better said, "rollback" the...

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Solution Manager Rollback