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Can Denodo connect to files at AL11(t-code) application server of SAP BW
answered 08-05-2020 02:40:01 -0400

Hello Team, Can Denodo consume files at AL11(t-code) application server of SAP BW. When we connect any SAP BW system, it give infoarea structure only. Regards, Vijay

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SAP BW Composite Provider - Denodo 6 support
answered 06-03-2020 08:10:05 -0500

Hello, Does Denodo 6 connect to SAP BW Composite provider type Infoprovider? I am able to connect to SAP BW (On HANA database) using the multi-dimensional DB adpater and in the create base view, I am able to view the composite proovider. However, when ...

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SAP BW MDX Optimised Query
answered 22-02-2019 14:49:25 -0500

Hi, We currently have a base view on SAP BW, which includes a large number (30) of characteristics. The intention is to provide the view to users, who will then only select two or three characteristics for their report. The problem we have is the MDX t...

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JCo adapter on BW system
answered 14-09-2018 00:54:44 -0400

hi how can i check if the JCo adapter is installed on my bw system? Regards philipp

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Connectivity Issue while creating Multidimensional Data Source
answered 11-07-2017 02:44:50 -0400

Product Version: 6.0 Hello everybody, I have a problem with the Connection to SAP BW. I get the following Error, if I want to create a Base View: Unable to connect to the multidimensional server: Insufficient resources to execute operation. I have ...

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Multidimensional Data Source Connection SAP BW SAP BI