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Denodo Connection to SAP BW4HANA

Hello Team, Good afternoon. We are planning to upgrade our SAP BW on HANA system to SAP BW/4HANA system and connect Denodo to do data virtualizations from various systems including BW/4HANA for reporting. What is the best and feasible approach to conne...


"SELECT top 1 1 as ID FROM <base view> uanble to excute

We have connected the SAP Database. when we are unable to excute the below query "SELECT top 1 1 as ID FROM &lt;base view&gt; " for the expected result ID 1 what changes can be done as the expected result thanks in Advance

Top N SAP DENODO SAP BW/4HANA denodo with tableau

Fetching Column issue in VQL

we have SAP Data Base, when we excute the base view in the denodo tool we could able get the 150 records. But, while excuting in the VQL shell for the specific Query like Select &lt;Column_name&gt; from &lt;data_base&gt;.&lt;Base_view_name&gt; throwin...


ODBC with SAP HANA in Linux

Hello, In a linux server I have installed Denodo, and I need to create a ODBC datasource to connect with SAP HANA, and I readed that I need to use SAP HANA 2.0 ODBC driver. How can I configure Denodo and how can I create the datasource?

ODBC SAP Linux SAP BW/4HANA DataSource

Denodo connectivity to SAP S/4HANA and SAP BW/4HANA

Hello Denodo Experts, Can Denodo connect to the S/4HANA platform and access data via the CDS (Core Data Services Layer)? What type of connectivity is used for connecting to the BW/4HANA Platform?