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How can I use SSO using Power BI or Python with Denodo
answered 01-11-2022 09:26:34 -0400

When setting up python scripts, or PowerBI dashboard how do I envoke SSO ? We are using SSO via Oauth on Active Directory. In Power BI : Using Denodo connector Using DSN settings : Server=<our ip>; port=<our port>; database=<our db> ...

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#powerBI connection #Denodo-PowerBI oauth2 SSO

SSO for Design Studio vs Solution Manager
answered 13-04-2022 08:41:36 -0400

Hello, As I understand, implementing SSO via Active Directory is different for Solution Manager and Design Studio : for Solutionn Manager, we need to use an application in Azure AD; for Design STudio, we need to create a LDAP source and to confi...

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OpenID SSO requires preferred_username
answered 22-10-2021 03:32:11 -0400

Hi Team, When configuring Denodo with PING Identity, I am getting the error as "Could not obtain the username using the claim preferred_username". Is it possible to work it without preferred_username claim and instead use "sub" or "firstname" as user...

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Denodo SSO SAML with Azure AD failed "Error validating SAML message" & "insufficient privileges to connect to the database 'admin'"
answered 23-03-2021 05:50:50 -0400

I tried setting up Azure SAML SSO in denodo express edition, It gives me below errors. I tried assigning different roles (allusers, admin, User, global_admin) to users but nothing is working. Open ID SSO Configuration is working good. Error validating...

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SSO from Tableau Server to Denodo
answered 20-07-2020 05:45:02 -0400

It has been stated before and known that Tableau to Denodo SSO works with Tableau Desktop, via Kerberos, but not with Tableau Server. Unfortunately many of our users access Denodo through tableau server (url) and have to sign in a second time to get to...

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Tableau SSO

VDP and Google Identity Services
answered 27-04-2020 15:33:44 -0400

Hi, We are evaluating the Denodo Platform to use it as our main data delivery platform in Belgium. Therefor, I wanted to know if it is possible to use Google Identity Services as our identity provider over Active Directory. Thanks Jurgen PwC Belgium

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Kerberos Security SSO

Copying ntlmauth.dll to DENODO_HOME/jre/bin
answered 10-02-2019 22:01:51 -0500

Hi, I would like to add my experience with Denodo 5.5 in Windows 2012 64 bit. I had to copy ntlmauth.dll to %DENODO_HOME%/jre/bin and restart the server instead of %SYSTEMROOT%/system32. The latter wouldn't work and raised a "SSO Failed: Native SS...

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NTLM JDBC Data Sources SQL Server SSO

SSO to Denodo with Kerberos from Tableau Server 10.5
answered 28-03-2018 05:19:57 -0400

Curious, has anyone successfully tested Single Sign On to Denodo with Kerberos from Tableau Server 10.5.1? Thanks, Tony

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Kerberos Tableau denodo with tableau SSO

SSO authentication SAPBW-->DENODO-->TABLEAU
answered 21-06-2016 23:39:53 -0400

Hi, I would like to know if we have the option of SSO (kerberos or other) to connect from TABLEAU (Reporting) to DENODO and FROM DENODO to SAP BW (SOURCE DB). Thanks, Elias.

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