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Power BI Report Builder
answered 15-05-2019 17:45:14 -0400

Hi, Has anyone tried using Power BI Report Builder (or SSRS) to access a derived view? If not, is there a way to do it, or if there is a plan to develop this feature? Thanks

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SSRS and Caching
answered 27-02-2019 05:02:03 -0500

I have created an SSRS report with parameters that the user inputs (using ? as parameter in the SQL). The derived view that the SSRS report is using has partial cache mode turned on with match exact queries only selected. It seems as if the report is ...

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cache partial cache ssrs

SSRS Multi Value Parameter
answered 19-09-2017 01:58:08 -0400

Hi, How to create a multi-value parameter in SSRS? In MSsql I do this sql Select * from table1 where column1 in (@values) But when I do the script below on Denodo Select * from table1 where column1 in (?) it returns error. Any Idea on how to pas...

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