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answered 24-05-2022 17:21:45 -0400

how to connect to Denodo from SalesForce

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Issue connecting to Salesforce
answered 23-02-2022 06:22:02 -0500

Hello, I am having issues connecting to Veeva Salesforce. Performed the follwing tasks Created admin account in Salesforce Created a connected App in Salesforce Created a Data source connection ( File-> Data Source-> Salesforce) Selec...

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Denodo 8.0 Salesforce

Salesforce data source
answered 18-04-2019 16:41:01 -0400

Hi Team, Denodo Express 7.0 Please provide details for salesforce connection for learning and practice. Thanks.

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salesforce as Data Source and Consumer
answered 30-01-2018 05:09:25 -0500

Does denodo support salesforce as a data source and consumer? If yes, kindly explain the steps to be followed.

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salesforce Data Source

Salesforce custom Wrapper, getSchemaParametrs error.
answered 28-07-2017 06:34:44 -0400

We are trying to connect Denodo to Salesforce using custom wrpper. we are using denodo-salesforce-rest-wrapper-6.0 (class name:- com.denodo.connect.salesforce.rest.wrapper.AbstractSalesforceRestWrapper). whenever we try to create a base view we get a...

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salesforce custom wrapper

OAuth 2.0 credentials
answered 11-01-2017 06:10:02 -0500

Hi. I have a Salesforce instance that I am trying to connect to as a data source using OAuth 2.0. While going throgh the Credentials Wizard I get the following when clicking Obtain the OAuth 2.0 credentials: There was an error while requesting the OAu...

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salesforce oauth unknown host

Salesforce data source - get deleted records with queryAll methods
answered 27-01-2016 04:01:47 -0500

Hello, we're using denodo 5.5. with the latest version of salesforce rest wrapper. Is there a support for 'query all rows' option (queryAll method) in the denodo-salesforce connector? This is required in order to be able to capture deleted records in...

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