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Enterprise Job Scheduling
answered 29-08-2016 07:41:44 -0400

Can denodo integrate with enterprise job scheduling tool such as JAMS?

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Scheduler admin webtool not launching?
answered 24-06-2016 14:35:59 -0400

What does this mean? 0 [Thread-0] INFO 20160623195027424 com.denodo.tomcat.manager.TomcatManager - Tomcat script launched with value 033529 [Thread-0] INFO 20160623195100953 com.denodo.tomcat.manager.TomcatManager - Maximun number of retries reached......

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scheduler webtool

How can I can run VQL from a CSV file in the Scheduler?
answered 23-06-2016 08:59:12 -0400

Hello, We are trying to create a job that will run the VQL of "DESC VQL DATABASE" that we have stored in a CSV file. For our extration we just have the file parameter, the datasource of the file, and the parameter mappings of the file and source 0. ...

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Vql Scheduler

Scheduler job to automate the metadata testing process
answered 10-05-2016 11:44:17 -0400

Hi, I am trying to create a scheduler job to automate the metadata testing between two views which are in different databases. Now that, I created 4 different scheduler job for 4 different environment(dev,SIT,UAT and PROD). Each job has one parameteriz...

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scheduler data sources

Scheduler Integration with BMC Control-M
answered 09-11-2015 14:05:11 -0500

We use Control-M as our enterprise job scheduling tool. Are we able to call Scheduler jobs from Control-M? Does it integrate? Thanks, Chris

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scheduler control-m

Scheduler FTP Handler
answered 30-04-2015 19:13:09 -0400

Has anyone written an FTP (specifically SFTP) scheduler handler? I'd like to SFTP a file from an exporter over to a customer. I know I can roll my own, but if anyone has written one and would be willing to share, that would be great! I did see they ...

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Schedule Handler email-exported-files - Only if file exists?
answered 07-04-2015 14:14:22 -0400

We have a scheduler exporter that writes a simple CSV file with the results of a minus query that compares 2 similar data sources. We are currently using the email-exported-files handler to email that file. I'd like to only receive an email if there ...

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scheduler handler

How do I import/export a single scheduler job?
answered 20-03-2015 09:23:55 -0400

I created a scheduler job that has a large number of mappings for a JDBC insert on my test environment. As you can imagine, I don't want to re-type it all in production. I used the export.bat script under $DENODO_HOME/Tools/Scheduler and made the cha...

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