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Shell Scripting
answered 09-12-2020 17:28:18 -0500

Can you please provide a shell script through which I can connect to a particular Database in Denodo using "Driverclassname", "URL" , USERID , PASSWORD or other details of a JDBC connection. Please let me know incase of any other information needed.

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Start the Denodo job with dependencies using Shell script
answered 04-01-2018 19:26:47 -0500

Hi, Can you please assist me to invoke the Denodo Job with dependecies option using shell schipt. I can see only below options and don't see start-with-dependecies option sh test_schedulerclient.sh -start load_dv_added_current_frozen_vw -h sjgdvappd...

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shell Denodo scheduler admin Denodo Scheduler 6.0

need to execute the Import.sh on a separate server
answered 09-04-2017 19:50:53 -0400

I would like to execute the "../bin/import.sh" script on server A to create a virtual database via a VQL script on server B. Here is the script I ran in server A (to run some action in server B) /app/denodo/denodo_6.0/bin/import.sh -su -f /app/denodo/...

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import vql shell

Listing existing databases (VDB)
answered 06-02-2017 07:07:32 -0500

Dear Denodo Support, Is there a way of listing exisitng databases (VDB) defined in VDP? I am interested how could this be done from shell scrip on Denodo running on Linux. I was looking under $DENODO_HOME/work/vdp/repository but it seems that not all ...

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vdb shell