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Solution Manager REST API port

Hi Team - what port number should i use while invoking Solution Manager REST APIs ? should it be 19090 (web container port) or 10090 or some other port ? http://<hostname>:<port>/environments - is this the correct URI to call REST API (jus...

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How to Use python to Call solution Manager APJ to deploy Revision

Hi team, We try to use python to call solution manager API to deploy revision, we now have prepare the vql revision file done, can we use python to call the solution manager API to do the deployment?

Solution Manager API Deploy Python revision

Promotion of view with same datasource

Hello, We have a datasource as Snowflake. QA and Prod Databases are in the same login. We have created the same jdbc datasource(ds_snowflake in both env) for this in both QA and prod. Lets say the QA database is named db_qa and prod database is named ...

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How to deploy Scheduler jobs via Solution Manager REST endpoints?

Hi Team - I know we can deploy Scheduler jobs by using Create Revision GUI of Solution Manager. I also know there is a REST endpoint for creating revisions from VQL file which takes only a VQL file as an input. Now my question is how can I create a re...

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Using Create Revision API of Solution Manager

I am looking at the documentation of creating a Revision from a VQL file Couple of questions on the usage of...

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