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GET_JDBC_DATASOURCE_TABLES equivalent to get Stored Procedures

We automated our base view creation from a SQL Server using Denodo GET_JDBC_DATASOURCETABLES stored procedure. Unfortunatly, this process ignores the few SQL Server custom stored procedures that we would also like to import in Denodo. Is there a way ar...

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Fetching View's underlying query

Hi Denodo team, I have a requirement of fetching view and also the query through which this view is created if that view is created by query.I have tried GET_VIEWS(), CATALOG_VDP_METADATA_VIEWS() and CATALOG_METADATA_VIEWS() procedures.But none of them...

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List Procedure Jar Dependencies

Hi I am looking for denodo metadata views which can give relationship of user defiened stored procedures and Jars with version. I have used the "LIST JARS" catalog function. This function returns the JAR name and stored procedure or functions of that ...

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Weird dependency name in COLUMN_DEPENDENCIES() stored procedure

Hi all, I have a problem when executing COLUMN DEPENDENCIES() procedure. I had a derived view with just one column coming from a web service base view and I have modified the model and the output to add another derived view, and now when calling the p...

Stored Procedures dependency_name

Missing Stored Procedures

Hello, I'm using Denodo 6.0 Quickstart VM with a Denodo Express License and I'm trying to run some stored procedures that documentation says they come out-of-the-box with the product, but I'm missing some of them, so I'm just wondering whether it is a...

Stored Procedures

Denodo , Stored Procedures, & Insert Updates

Have a questions, Why we need store procedures and insert update operations in Data Virtualization tool.

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Stored procedure returning data only with "call" statement and not with "select"

I have created a stored procedure which returns an Array. It is not performing any DML operations and is only retrieving data, parsing it and giving back an array. However, I can only view the data using "call" statement. The "select" statement is retu...

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Hi: I'm attempting to execute the LAB03 however stored Procedures are not displayed in the data tree source. Can you please let me know why are not displayed? If something is missing? I attach the image where procedures are correctly created in MYSQL b...

Stored Procedures

Error when running CLEAN_CACHE_DATABASE procedure

I am getting the following error when I try to run the CLEAN_CACHE_DATABASE stored procedure via VQL shell: select * from CLEAN_CACHE_DATABASE('<vdb_name>'); Finished with error: The user does not have READ privileges on the procedure 'clean_cac...


Other way to create function or procedure?

Is the there a way to create custom function without using without third party app such as eclipse?

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