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Converting timestampz to epoch time

Hi, I have seen previous enquiries about a function to convert to and from epoch time before. Are there any possibility that this function will be prioritized in future patches? The autogenerated column "expirationDate" uses epoch time for the expirat...

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Timestamp Issue

Hi, During our PoC with Denodo, we faced some issues related with Timestamp-NTZ and Timestamp-LTZ column types. When we include these fields in Base View (or SQL based Base View) columns are mismatching. Basically, denodo cannot determine the column(s...

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ERROR: operator does not exist: timestamp without time zone >= character varying'

Hello, I am new to Denodo and because I have a strong background in SQL I have been using my SQL skills by creating base views off a query. When I get to the next step of creating my derived view witha a date parameter I continue to receive the followi...

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Subtracting two timestamps in Denodo

Hi Support Is it possible to subtract two timestamps in Denodo to get the Day/Hour/Minute/Second difference between the two fields? I don't see a function for it and was having troubles breaking it out with 'get' commands. Thanks!