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Access Cognos TM1 from Denodo
answered 28-04-2017 07:28:02 -0400

HI We wanted to Access Cognos TM1 from Denodo.INstalled the denodo O data wrapper in denodo What all details required to make successful connection to TM1 but not sure on options to select while creating a Datasource .Any document or link supporting it

Answers: 1

Denodo TM1

Does Denodo work with TM1 as a source?
answered 09-06-2016 04:37:49 -0400

Anyone tried to get Denodo to work with TM1? I can't find anything in the docs or online that indicates it does. If there's no native connector, what version of ODATA does Denodo support? That's also not findable in any of the docs.

Answers: 4

OData TM1