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How to access "Description" column from Denodo View Schema into Tableau?
answered 16-01-2018 03:44:00 -0500

There are 3 columns in the Denodo view SCHEMA- Field name, Field Type & Description. I am trying to access/view "Description" column in Tableau. How can I do that?

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Field concatenation fails in Tableau When connect to Denodo using ODBC.
answered 25-08-2016 06:45:39 -0400

I am using Tableau version 8.3.4 and Denodo supplied ODBC driver, to connect Tableau to Denodo 6.0. I have configured Denodo and Tableau using following document - https://community.denodo.com/kb/view/document/Northbound%20Connections/Connecting%20Tab...

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ODBC Tableau

Where exactly do we need to add odbc64-denodo.tdc file?
answered 14-07-2016 15:57:23 -0400

I have been trying to connect from tableau to denodo, I can able to connect, but during fetching of the data, the following error shows up "an error occured while communicating with data source". So how to resolve this issue?

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ODBC Tableau denodo with tableau

Tableau Data Extractor doesn't extract data
answered 01-06-2016 12:27:37 -0400

When I run TDE I get no extraxted data, other ways work fine. It does run, no errors or anything, just no data.

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TDE Tableau

What version of Tableau are you using in your BI tutorial?
answered 21-10-2015 13:45:20 -0400

On this page, https://community.denodo.com/tutorials/browse/bi/3bitool , there are some screenshots of Tableau. Which version of Tableau is that? Thank you~!

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Can't connect app to Denodo via ODBC
answered 13-02-2015 06:37:48 -0500

I am running Denodo Express 5.5 and trying to connect to it via ODBC. I've done so successfully using Excel (after using a 64-bit DSN rather than 32-bit). However, when I try to connect via Tableau, I get the message: ERROR: Syntax error: Using unic...

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