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Unable to create Environment: VCS using Git

Hi, I am trying to create an environment in vcs management (Denodo 8), first I created a github repo and cloned it locally. In the configuration screen under VCS management in Denodo administration tool I added the url of this repo and the username a...

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Restrcit VCS management for read-only users

Hello, I have noticed that users with read-only access can also perform VCS operations. Is there a way to limit this? My test user only has "Connect", "Metadata" and "Execute" rights. With this user I was able to perform a push operation. In my opinion...

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How to run a vcs pull of a database through code

We have set up our denodo solution such that it is connecting to a gitlab repo. We have defined a ci/cd process that takes the files from the development gitlab repo and pushes them into uat gitlab repo. We would like to run a VCS pull command on all d...

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Error when changing the local repositories home path for GIT integration

We would like to make the repositories home dir shared across the vdp servers to make the VDP cluster highly available. When we change the Local repositories home path any path other than default we are getting below error when trying to refresh enviro...



vcs in denodo express

the vcs is Unavailable in denodo express ?

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Support for AWS code commit via git credential helper

Hi, I am currently looking at the possibility of using AWS code commit with Denodo. However, I cannot see how we can configure a credential helper for code commit in Denodo. There are restrictions that use of SSH keys, username/passwords and we can on...

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How to - Store encrypted VCS user's password in vdp config?

Hi, Is there a way to encrypt a VCS user's password before storing them in the $DENODO_HOME/conf/vdp/ I can see that there is a configuration setting of storing encrypted password in the config file com.denodo.vdb.vdbinte...

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Permissions when using Centralized Workflow with Private Databases

Hello, What permissions are requir...



Denodo 8.0 VCS

VCS - I do commit, push, pull using same user 'ABC' which is a denodo user, but when I check in git I see 2 users 'ABC' and another user 'XYZ', the wierd thing is 'XYZ' is a windows users and not a denodo user. How it is possible ? What is author and c...



Denodo VCS configuration with different repos (Git, MS TFS, subversion) for different database.

I have 3 databases in VDP. In VCS, I want database 1 to be configured/managed by GIT, databse 2 to be configured in Microsoft TFS and database 3 to be configured in Subversion. Is this possible in Denodo ? if so, Please share document or link for it.