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Push not working: GIT configuration (VCS)
answered 22-10-2021 15:49:27 -0400

Hi, We did the first commit referring the steps provided and can see the README.md file in the GIT repository. But we are unable to proceed with the push operation with the following error: Error pushing database admin: https://github.com/xxyzz/Denodo...

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GIT VCS push Denodo with Git

commit denodo 7 and denodo 8 codes in different folder
answered 18-02-2021 07:26:57 -0500

Let say I have folder called ROOT. I have vql codes in Denodo 7 which I want to push inside ROOT folder like ROOT/Denodo7_code. Similarly I have vql codes in Denodo 8 which I want push inside same ROOT folder like ROOT/Denodo8_code. currently all t...

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VCS push Denodo with Git GitHub VCS VCS commit

vql shell command to VCS commit and VCS push?
answered 08-09-2020 04:42:42 -0400

Hi team, I understand we have VCS vql shell command for pull (DVCSPULL DBELEMENTS database_name), do we have the same for VCS commit and VCS push operation?

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vql shell VCS push VCS commit