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how can we ensure in a join /subquery a query passed to underlying source first then another one in a same session

HI , usually when we perform a join in two base views or use a subquery in denodo. it creates two different parallel connection to get data from underlying source. can we ensure that both of queries on join run in same session and one after another. be...

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Denodo query simplification taking a long time.

We have a complex final view that utilizes many (20+) base views. All of the base views are cached so the query execution plan in very simple. However, in looking at the execution plan we can see that the optimizer is taking 8-9 seconds in query simpli...

VDP query optimisation

Do we need to generate the statistics for Interface views

Generating statistics for base view is enough or generating statistic for interface views will also improve performance

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Is it possible to force a SQL Query distribution on each datasource, when there is an Union view ?

Hello, supposing the following picture: - I have a Union view (e.g. named U1) based of the Union of 2 views (e.g. T1_S1, T1_S2), each comming from many different oracle data sources (e.g. S1, S2 data sources) - these T1_S1, T1_S2 views are in fac...

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