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REST Service supporting transnational write back
answered 15-03-2019 07:13:17 -0400

Hello, Is the Denodo REST service supports write back operations involving transactions? I am trying to achieve the following. Begin Transaction - Post to View-X - Delete in View-Y - Patch to View-Z Commit Transaction If this is supported how t...

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REST API Write-back scenarios

Write-back scenarios
answered 17-12-2018 03:55:17 -0500

Hi, I would like to get some information about write-back scenarios. Do you have any information about this topic? Thank you!

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Write-back scenarios

Writing views back to ADLS
answered 28-03-2018 09:20:21 -0400

How do I write back the created views into the ADLS?

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DataLake Write-back scenarios azure