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On which level should i place my associations
answered 13-05-2020 17:46:42 -0400

Hello, On which layer would you advice to place the associations? Lets say i have 4 levels: connectivity layer (only connections + base views) Integration layer (simple combinations of base views) Business Entities layer Presentation layer...

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associations Association

Query regd. Associations
answered 06-01-2020 15:24:58 -0500

Hi All, I had stuck with a case that when i hit the associations rest service to get the details, am getting only table names in response but not the mapping details between those tables.

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associations Association

Associations not carrying over to derived view from base views?
answered 26-12-2018 10:33:53 -0500

When creating a derived view from base views that have associations, how come the new derived view does not have those associations? Have to recreate all of them.

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How associations help to choose best execution plan?
answered 12-03-2018 03:51:51 -0400

Hi there, One of the benefits mentioned in the introduction slide from the Linked Data Associations course (DEN60EDU0134) , mentioned that associations are useful because 'They will be used to optimize queries to increase performance by generating bett...

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associations Execution plans

"Ghost " associations
answered 31-01-2017 22:28:48 -0500

I created a fact view and a number of dimension views and the associations between them. I renamed the fact table ...... the associations disappeared. I thought Denodo would handle the renaming gracefully but it looked like the associations had been de...

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