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How can we automate deployment process through Jenkins
answered 04-06-2020 01:27:11 -0400

Hi Team, Can anyone provide solution for automate denodo deployment process through Jenkins.

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Jenkins Automation automate

Access Live SOAP WSDL Web Service through Excel
answered 28-07-2017 09:51:02 -0400

Hi, I want to access data from a SOAP Web Service (WSDL) through Excel. I want the process to be standalone/independent from Denodo. By this I mean, even when Denodo Platform is not running behind the scenes, once the excel is loaded with the data so...

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Excel automate SOAP Web Service WSDL

Automatically Updating Column Names
answered 31-03-2017 10:43:31 -0400

So, we have the following layers that we have built in Denodo: [[BOTTOM]] --Base views (tables from data source) --Derived views (again, the tables) --Combined views (formatted tables) --Service views (tables rearranged to data objects) --REST Web Ser...

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VQL automate

How to make ODATA service start Automatically
answered 28-07-2016 04:59:50 -0400

Hi Team, We want to start ODATA service to start automaticalaly when denodo start. what is the best way to do it?

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ODATA automate

import vql files
answered 17-11-2014 06:43:17 -0500

how to automate importing of multiple vql files using java program or command prompt?

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import vql automate