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Looking for cleaning cache of specific views/folders and not whole database Using Scheduler.
answered 09-09-2016 06:51:38 -0400

CALL CLEAN_CACHE_DATABASE is cleaning whole database cache. is there any way/function to clean cache of specific views/folders and not whole database using Scheduler?

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data cleansing cache

How to clean cache for specific views/folder
answered 09-09-2016 06:02:34 -0400

If I want to clean cache of specific views and not whole database, is it possible? If yes, how? Can I clean cache of all views in specific folder? If yes, how?

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data cleansing cache

Need help on incremental caching
answered 28-08-2015 08:24:29 -0400

Being new to Denodo , need help to implement the below situation. INVOLVED TABLES -------------------------- Customers table is static. Orders table is incremental. VIEW DEFINITION ----------------- CREATE VIEW customers_j_orders AS SELECT customer...

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Error on Cache mode enable for Partial or Full on base view
answered 21-07-2015 19:04:11 -0400

In trying to activate the cache for a base view which was created from a query, it throws up an error dialog in either trying to activate partial or full cache on the base view. Error for partial cache activation is: "error modifying view: An SQL data...

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Derby Cache Exception in Log and no Cache results returning
answered 21-07-2015 08:46:26 -0400

Created a base view which has custom sql to create it that comes back with two text columns. Both vase view and original database have those columns set as varchar(1024). When executing the base view with cache invalidate it returns rows back. When ...

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cache derby

Full cache, changing settings, redeploying VQL code seems to cause the existing cache to be invalidated?
answered 18-06-2015 14:07:28 -0400

I have a view, 'person_cache', that is configured to have a "Full" cache and a TTL of 86400 (1 day). I have a batch job that invalidates the existing cache and loads it once every hour. I wanted to change the TTL to two weeks ( 1209600 ) and change m...

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Join to a cached view twice, but only fetch once
answered 04-12-2014 14:04:24 -0500

I have view emp (jdbc) and view ad (LDAP). AD is a partially cached view. We join emp.id to ad.id and it works great. Now I need to also join emp.supervisor_id to ad.id to get the supervisor information. When I look at the execution trace, it app...

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