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Adding CONTEXT to JDBC Database URI
answered 17-09-2021 09:33:52 -0400

I am trying to add a timeout context to a JDBC connection. JDBC Parameters are referenced in the documentation (https://community.denodo.com/docs/html/browse/6.0/vdp/developer/access_through_jdbc/parameters_of_the_jdbc_connection_url/parameters_of_the_...

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context JDBC

ABout CONTEXT ('I18N' = 'gb');
answered 07-06-2021 16:10:32 -0400

HI team, we deploy some views from one env to anohter several env, and we found, for one exact view, after this deployment, one some deployed envs, it contained " CONTEXT ('I18N' = 'gb');" at then end of view vql, but on some on other deployed envs, th...

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context gb I18N

CONTECT('cache'= 'off') is not fetching data from sources
answered 06-05-2021 18:15:10 -0400

Hi Team, I'm using Denodo 7.0. I have a derived view dv_join which has several intermediate views. Full cache mode is enabled for this view and Oracle is the cache DB. Loading the cache for this view is taking around 1 hour to complete. I want to s...

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cache context

Setting CONTEXT ('formatted' = 'yes') as default?
answered 24-02-2021 07:44:43 -0500

Is there a way I can have the system, by defult, add "CONTEXT ('formatted' = 'yes')" to the end of a derived view when I use the VQL Shell to create views, instead of having to write it out at the end of every script?

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VQL vql shell context formatting