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return the total results in REST webservice response
answered 08-11-2021 16:20:33 -0500

Hi, How can I return the results count in a REST webservice I am publishing in Denodo , (the total number of rows for a query)? I need to add a colomn where I will set the total of results, I tried to add new field and set the expression to count() but...

Answers: 1

record count count

Count the number of commas is a string
answered 31-03-2021 09:45:04 -0400

Is there a way to count the occurences of a comma in a string? I need to filter out any rows there there are NOT exactly 3 commas in that field.

Answers: 2

Regex count

How to include record count in report output; all in one view
answered 07-08-2019 04:43:33 -0400

Hello, Is there a way I can add a column in a report output that contains the record count in a single view? I am able to accomplish this now by generating the output in one view first and then creating a second view where I do a count off of the first...

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record count count