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Using CTE WITH clause for creating base view from query
answered 12-04-2018 09:19:08 -0400

I'm trying to use a CTE MS SQL query to flatten a dataset of employees and their managers. After looking through mutiple articles in the support section I was hoping I could use "create base view from query". This is giving an error saying - "Incorrect...

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Base view quer cte MSSQL

Multiple created values in a CTE
answered 03-10-2017 05:02:17 -0400

Good afternoon, I am trying to use a CTE with multiple values. ie: ;with pd as ( select '12345' ) But I need a large amount of values, and am not sure of the syntax needed to do multiple select's in a CTE in this manner. So I would need 12345, 1234...

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Limit inside Denodo common table expression
answered 02-05-2017 09:49:05 -0400

Is it possible to limit VQL query output inside common table expressions? I mean something like that: "DenodoTable" hh order by "holding" desc **--LIMIT 10** ) select * from cte If uncomment "LIMIT 10', above VQL gives "Syntax error: Exception par...

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Top N CTE Limit

answered 06-03-2017 06:25:45 -0500

According to your VDP Conformance with Standard SQL document: COMMON TABLE EXPRESSIONS are supported in Denodo 6. Does this apply to Denodo Express as well? My base view fails with the following error: ICTE_TEST_SECOND [BASE] [ERROR] CTE_TEST_SECOND [J...

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Common Table Expression (CTE) and Recursion
answered 06-08-2015 06:27:28 -0400

I see there is support of WITH statements allowing CTE work. Does Denodo support recursion in CTE's? I have tried to get it working, but the error back is that the name of the CTE does not exist. When I remove the recursion piece of the query, it wo...

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CTE Recursion